October 2014


Role Models

National chains learn subtle nuances and food innovations from independent owners; mom and pop entrepreneurs and chef owners learn operational efficiencies from the big guys.

Farm-to-Table Liabilities

When it comes to safeguarding fresh foods, restaurants and chefs must establish processes and practices for sourcing, handling, and even growing their own produce.

Analyze the Franchise

Armed with a thorough understanding of the marketplace and consumer mindsets, the brands FSR highlights in its second-annual Top Franchise Values list are strategically positioned for today’s restaurant landscape.

Looking Global, Acting Local

The Melting Pot has given guests more reasons to dip and dine, increasing frequency of visits and improving guest satisfaction.

Cheers, Chef

From crêpes Suzette to fondue, dishes with alcohol have been on tables for centuries. Today, chefs continue the tradition, giving food a boozy boost with beer, wine, and spirits.

From the Grounds Up

On the heels of Caesar salads and guacamole, coffee brewing has also gone tableside.

Winterizing the Beer Program

Craft beer sales are typically highest in the winter season, when robust, high-alcohol brews are most popular.

San Diego Chefs Spark a Dynamic Scene

For culinary expertise and exceptional restaurants, there’s more than one great California bay area.

Steeped in Tradition

Old-fashioned tea houses show restaurants how to stir up the afternoon daypart.

Welcome to the South

The region known for its hospitality and soul food has developed beverage hits that consumers are increasingly ordering, encouraging a deeper dive for menu inspiration.

A Guide to Seasonal Beverages

Tips to create a beverage menu that goes beyond the traditional spices and flavors to upend competitors.

Choosy Customers Like Menu Options

Influenced by build-your-own menus, full-service chains are finding ways to attract diners with options for smaller portions, shared dishes, and customized combinations.

The Pursuit of Hoppyness

Five strategies to create a robust in-house brewing program for beer, wine, or even spirits.

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Creative chefs menu savory and sweet dishes in shot glasses, or shooters, much to the delight of consumers, who encourage blurring the lines between food and beverage.

Wine’s Passionate Memoir

A trip through France’s wine regions introduces the complexities of centuries-old stories.

Hot Beverages on the Market

Editor’s picks for labels that will distinguish your restaurant’s beverage program.

Troubled Waters

The most valuable natural resource is crucial to foodservice. Whether due to necessity or desire, the country is finally getting smart about its use of water.

How to Menu a Beverage Trend

Reports often forecast beverage trends on the horizon, but how and when should operators translate those trends onto their menus?

Small Pours Leave Little to Whine About

This is where the fun begins, as drinkers have the ability to pivot among wines without buying bottles.

Celebrated Cocktails and the Restaurants that Created Them

A look at four of the nation’s most revered cocktails and one non-alcoholic calling card, and the fame each has corralled for its institution.

Price Check

Restaurants make their beverage programs profitable despite gulping down higher costs in the commodity market.

Small Holidays, Big Drinks

Move over, Cinco de Mayo, New Year’s Eve, and St. Patrick’s Day. Restaurants are thinking beyond traditionally boozy holidays to research offbeat ones and even make up their own.

Banking on Beverage

While food will always draw guests in, some restaurants have diversified through beverage so well, they have become a destination outside of the food program. Here’s what others can learn from them.

Grocery Stores Ring Up Full Serves

As grocery stores install full-service restaurants, they give consumers more opportunities to spend food dollars at the supermarket.

Putting the Fizz Back Into Soft Drinks

Sales of carbonated beverages are going flat in the restaurant sector, leaving suppliers and operators searching for inventive ways to boost soft drink consumption once again. 

Four Ways to Capitalize on Beer

Beverage specials drive business, but they can also train guests to follow the dollar. Jeff Van Dyke, managing partner and co-founder of beer specialist Brixx Wood Fired Pizza, offers tips to differentiate any beer program.



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